NAL Agricultural Thesaurus
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Getting Started

Enter your text and click Annotate to analyze. Terms from the National Agriculture Library Thesaurus (NALT) are extracted using a fuzzy matching algorithm and semantic rules.

Include non-NAL terms in result?

  • Yes: A statistical, domain-agnostic Expert System Skill Cartridge is used to identify words and phrases that are not in NALT (but may be of importance). In the table view, these can be selected and sent to a recommendation database by clicking "Recommend Terms"

  • No: Only NALT terms are extracted.

Handling Results

Copy Items

To copy a delimited list of items to the clipboard for use in other applications
  1. Check box in the “Select Item” column for terms you wish to copy.

  2. Click on “Copy” button.

  3. When the dialog appears, press Ctrl-C and Enter.

  4. Paste terms in your application using “paste” or “Ctrl-V”

Recommend Checked Items

Select items to recommend for addition to NALT. Then click on "Recommend Terms" button.
The team will periodically review recommendations.